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BALTRA (South Seymour):

  • Port of entry to the Province of Galapagos.

  • Lava flows

  • Penguins


BARTOLOME (Bartholomew):

  • Sullivan Bay, home of the famous landmark, Pinnacle Rock. Visitors can enjoy the impressive panoramic view.

  •  Galapagos penguins

  • Swim or snorkel



  • Snorkel

  • Blue-footed boobies, albatross



  • Southernmost  Island

  • Only nesting site of the waved albatross

  •  At Punta Suarez, mockingbirds, blue- footed and masked boobies. Darwin finches, Galapagos doves and hawks, red and green marine iguanas, sea lions and the famed Blow Hole


FERNANDINA (Narborough):

  • Punta Espinoza, lava flows.

  • Marine iguanas, sea lions, blue- footed boobies, Galapagos hawks, flightless cormorants, penguins and marine turtles


FLOREANA (Charles or Santa María):

  • Punta Cormorant; more tan 50 volcanic cones in a 80 mile area

  • Pink flamingos

  • Snorkeling

  • Post Office Bay: where 18th century whalers used a barrel as an unofficial mail drop, still in use now days



  • Bird-watchers paradise

  • Sea cliffs

  • Marine iguana, frigate birds, swallow-tailed gulls, tropic birds and red -footed boobies


ISABELA (Albemarle):

  • Tagus cove, volcanic activity

  • Saltwater lake, lava flows and transition zone vegetation.

  • Giant tortoises, marine iguana, flightless cormorants, sea lions and Galapagos hawks



  • Sea lions, swallow –tailed doves, frigate birds and colonies of blue-footed boobies


 RABIDA (Jervis):

  • Saltwater lake

  • Red Sand beaches

  • Snorkeling

  • Sea lions, flamingos, penguins and brown pelican nests


SANTA CRUZ (Indefatigable):

  • Host the largest population in the archipelago at the town of Puerto Ayora

  • Charles Darwin Station: center of research and conservation of the species.

  • Pit  craters and lava tunnels

  • Giant tortoises



  • Port of entry

  • The capital of the Province of Galápagos, Puerto Baquerizo  Moreno, lies at the southern tip of the island

  • Frigate birds, sea lions, blue and red -footed boobies, tropic birds and dolphins


Kicker Rock:

  • Vertical rock rising almost 500 feet out of the ocean

  • Lava Flows

  • Blue- footed boobies, masked boobies and frigate birds



  • Beautiful landscape, variety of plants and marine life

  • Swimming

  • Sea lions, red- footed boobies, and masked boobies


SANTA FE (Barrington):

  • Cactus forest

  • Endemic Land Iguanas, sea lions and Galapagos hawks

SANTIAGO (Saint James):

  • Galapagos hawks, fur seals, feral goats, sea lions, flamingos, marine iguanas, Galapagos Doves, finches and snakes



  • White sand beach

  • Giant cactus

  • Marine iguanas, grey and white herons



There is not place like Galapagos

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